Congratulations honey! You’ve finally found the one, a person to share a lifetime with, and they couldn’t be more perfect!  But have you found the perfect dress yet? Dress shopping is a bit like car shopping; you know it’s a big deal, and you may not know what to expect. A LOT must be considered before even walking into the boutique. We know how overwhelming finding the dress can be, and that’s why we’ve crafted this guide on planning THE PERFECT wedding gown shopping day. Here’s how you can have a relaxing, fun, stress-free day with no hassles and, most importantly, a successful gown shopping day!   

Start shopping 8-10 months in advance!
This may sound a little extreme, but the truth is that it’s never too early to start the hunt. The more time you have to get clear about what you’re looking for, the better! Take the pressure of time out of the equation. Getting started early allows for ample time to meditate on what kind of style and aesthetic you’re looking for. So, if you just got engaged this month, now is the time to start thinking about booking an appointment at a bridal boutique. 

Make appointments at 2-3 boutiques, tops. 
Almost all bridal boutiques require an appointment, so don’t forget to make yours! Each boutique has various styles and you’ll want to take your time at each one. For bride shopping in the Bay Area, we’ve listed a few different options of where to shop for the dress. 

Novella Bridal: now open by appointment only for a more traditional gown shopping experience with girlfriends. 
Bridal Galleria: now open by appointment only. Reservations fill up fast! 
David’s Bridal: now offers 60-minute appointments for you and your besties. 

Select a few of your very best friends or family. 
What would gown shopping be without your bridal party? Invite a few of your trusted best gals and make a day of it! Having your bridal party by your side will help you feel comfortable, offer perspective, and make the trip ten times more fun! We recommend coordinating a designated driver with a vehicle to accommodate your party. This will be stress-free and Without Parking worries, which leads us to the next tip…

Hire a professional transportation service. 
This one is an absolute must. Why you ask? Because it grants you permission to relax and focus on what’s important: Finding the right dress!  Finding the dress can be stressful and overwhelming at times, especially if you’re already distracted by navigating directions, city traffic, parking. Trust me on this one. All In One Limousine offers an entire “Shop for the Dress” package so you and the whole gang can arrive at each appointment on time! They offer a variety of town cars, SUVs, and limousines to accommodate your preference and party size. 

Premeditate with bridal magazines. 
Don’t go into your appointment without a strong idea of what you’re looking for.  Browse a few bridal magazines to familiarize yourself with the style and aesthetics that are right for you. Part of All In One Limousine’s “Shop for the Dress” package includes bridal magazines for you and your party to browse while on the road! And, that’s just one of the amenities included with the package; they also offer complimentary champagne for the ride! Bringing us to the next tip for the perfect gown shopping day…

Indulge with some champagne to help you feel confident and comfortable. 
Finding your dress should be an exciting and joyful experience; allow yourself to loosen up with a little bubbly. This can help relieve any pressure you may be feeling about finding the perfect dress and let you have some fun in the process! 
Well, you’re essentially ready to start planning your perfect wedding gown shopping day! Just remember, the perfect dress will find you. Give it time and do your research. On the day of shopping, be ready to find the one, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. When you know, you know. One final tip that we highly recommend participating in…

Celebrate afterward!
Regardless of whether or not you find the gown, the fun doesn’t need to stop at the end of your dress hunt! Commemorate the experience with a post-hunt happy hour or lunch at your favorite restaurant… another reason why hiring a professional transportation service will make the day so much more special! Take advantage of the fact that you have all your girls together with a reliable, designated driver who can get you to-and-from safely and stress-free.

To learn more about our “Shop for the Dress” package, call our fleet director, Cindy, today! 925-513-4175
And good luck, beautiful brides to be!