We all know how amazing wine tours and tastings are. Being in the Discovery Bay area, we serve Livermore and Walnut Creek and all through Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. Wineries are frequent and it’s easy living getting to wine country for a few tastings.

But, what about Whiskey tastings? Have you ever done this before?

If you haven’t, you’re missing out on a unique experience; one that opens a whole new world of taste and style.

At All in One Limousine, we are excited to offer Whiskey Tasting excursions this summer and beyond! These excursions go to several locations all without you having to do a single thing!

Here are several different whiskey tasting locations all through the valley and bay area just to give you an example of what to expect and what’s out there!

  • Sutherland Distillery, (Livermore) – Sutherland Distillery is a small batch craft distillery in the San Francisco East Bay heart. They offer exceptional spirits handcrafted from fine locally sourced ingredients in small batches, and offer them up to us to try! They offer hour-long tasting reservations that will go over each taste’s details and the background and history of their distillery. 
  • Sabbatical Distillery, (in Holt, on Victoria Island) – Nestled in a 7,000-acre island off the California Delta (east of San Francisco) comes this beautiful distillery. Sabbatical Distillery plants, grow and harvests all their ingredients right there on the island, and anything they don’t grow, they carefully source, making sure the quality is met to their standard. They grow grain that is exceptional with excellent rich soil, making their grain-to-glass process one of the top in the region.  During the Season they also harvest Blueberries have fresh Blueberries for sale
  •  Napa Valley Distillery, (Napa) – Did you know that Napa Valley Distillery is the first distillery in Napa since Prohibition? Their goal is to create unique and different sips, and they craft each spirit in limited quantities using only the finest ingredients. They offer tastings/tours at three different locations: one at the Oxbow Market, and two at the distillery in two different settings. They’re a beautiful distillery and you won’t be disappointed!
  •  J.J. Phister Distilling (Sacramento) – This distiller, J.J. Pfister Distilling, has one of the most fascinating, diverse, and LONG histories. Phister began as a clothier, knitting company, back in the late 1800s from Switzerland. After moving to San Francisco, continuing the knitwear production, the great great grandson of JJ Pfister decides to use the mill as a distillery and keeping the name, a new legend of quality spirits is born. With a beautiful family history and a beautiful distillery,  with a gorgeous restaurant as well, this location has it all. Book a tasting reservation, or plan a meal with a craft spirit flight! 

Now, let’s go over an outline of a whiskey tasting experience and give you an idea of what fun is to come when you book your next excursion! This is what we could do:

  1. Pick you up at your desired destination with your friends or family! Choose from smaller town cars, SUVs, Stretch Limousines, passenger vans, or even a party bus. We can accommodate up to 14 passengers!
  2. Go to the tasting room you desire or have us pick out several.
  3. Have a lunch or dinner, depending on what time you want
  4. Stop at one more distillery for a sweet sip!
  5. Ride home in style with a full stomach and wonderful memories.

Distilleries and their tastings are generally only open from Thursday to Sunday. So you’ll want to plan your excursion in the latter half of the week.

With top-quality harvests combined with award-winning distilleries, you’ve got a wonderful excursion waiting for you. If you want to learn more about how you’ll get there, or what we offer in our fleet, reach out to All in One Limousine today. You can visit our website or call Cindy today to ask questions or find out more about what’s involved, at (925) 513-4175. We can’t wait to hear from you!